Winterfest 2011

Join us this February for Winterfest as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the first Polaris test trip into the Allagash. Several Polaris officials will be on hand to mark this historic event. Anyone with any brand of antique/vintage sled is are encouraged to attend the celebration to mark what was probably the first group snowmobile trip of significance in the State of Maine and beginning of snowmobiling in the State as we know it. 50 years ago 7 men set out on a weeklong trip and a reace against dog teams to Chamberlain, the dog teams could not finish and were rescued by the sledders near Churchhill Lake. The 7 men went on and completed the trip and two of the original sleds from that trip will be on display.

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Youth Obesity Program - We Can!

At Waterville Junior High School, health teacher Jane Dean is teaching sixth-graders how to see through deceptive junk food marketing, improve activity levels and make healthier snack choices.

At the Mitchell Elementary School in Waterville, Wendy Lagasse of MaineGeneral Health System's Prevention Center is presenting a program to third-graders in an effort to get the children to break from a national statistic -- that children average six hours a day watching TV or playing video games.

Numerous studies show a direct correlation between time spent in front of a screen and elevated risks for weight gain and related health problems, says Alan Majka, University of Maine Cooperative Extension Educator in the Kennebec County Office in Augusta.