Leftover Chocolates and Other Things Dogs Shouldn't Eat

Leftover Chocolates and Other Things Dogs Shouldn't Eat

Some dogs (and people) will eat whatever gets put in front of them. I had heard that you should never ever feed a dog chocolate, but I wasn't sure why. I happened to be thinking about post Valentine's Day chocolate sales and for some reason began wondering about the dog connection. I did a little research to find out why chocolate was bad for them and discovered more things that might also be harmful.

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Pine Tree Hospice Offers "Anticipatory Pet Loss" Workshop

Preparing for the death of a pet can be stressful and confusing.  This afternoon will cover information about how to prepare for the death of a pet, comfort measures, when to decide it's time to say goodbye, what euthanasia is, "aftercare" options such as burial, cremation, memorials, etc.  There will an opportunity to share photos and stories and to discuss the grieving process. 

Planned presentations include a discussion with local veterinarian Ron Miles, DMV from Foxcroft Veterinary Services and his wife Tina Miles, DVM, from Penobscot Veterinarian Services, explaining the medical side of caring for an ailing pet.  Don Hanson, the owner of Green Acres Kennel, will discuss the more personal side of losing a loved pet.  Trained bereavement facilitators will provide enriching activities to aid with the grief related to the loss of a pet.