Police: man found in Garland died of natural causes

GARLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- State Police say the Dover-Foxcroft man found in a home in Garland Wednesday died of natural causes.

62-year-old Daniel Neal was discovered by a family member Wednesday afternoon inside his daughter's home. He had stayed at his daughter's home Tuesday night with his wife. 

Police were investigating the death to determine whether or not Neal's death was suspicious. 

Two dogs and some puppies were quarantined from the house during the investigation. Police have determined the dogs had nothing to do with Neal's death.

Family members and police said Neal was in poor health. A man who identified himself as Neal's son told NEWS CENTER his father had been hospitalized several times in recent weeks.

Officials hope natural gas for Lincoln will create new jobs for displaced mill workers

LINCOLN, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- There are few places in Maine where the need for new jobs is more pressing than in Lincoln.

More than 200 people lost their jobs late last year when they were laid off by Lincoln Paper and Tissue. Now officials are looking at the growing use of natural gas and hoping they can tap into the trend to help people find work. 

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National Drink Wine Day

PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Today is National Drink Wine Day! According to their website, National Drink Wine Day is celebrated to spread the health benefits - and the love - of wine.

The positive benefits of wine include the enhancement of food and life, as while as reducing the risk of heart disease.

National Drink Wine Day is celebrated annually on February 18 across the United States.

Phil and Ethan discuss politics of mill restart plan

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --  Political analysts Ethan Strimling and Phil Harriman discuss the possible political impacts of the LePage Administration plan to help Cate Street Capital restart the Great Northern Paper Mill in East Millinocket.  They'll also discuss the latest enrollment numbers for Mainers signing up for the Affordable Care Act, and the signature drive for the bear baiting referendum.

NFL players from Maine preach hard work to school students

STACYVILLE, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- School kids in the Katahdin Region got a big visit on Tuesday from two well known athletes here in Maine.

Enfield native Matt Mulligan had a memorable year with the New England Patriots --- going all the way to the AFC Championship game. The tight end also scored a touchdown during the 2013 regular season.

Mulligan stopped by Katahdin High School on Tuesday for an assembly with students. He was joined by his former teammate at the University of Maine Mike DeVito who is now playing for the Kansas City Chiefs.

Both men encouraged the kids to work hard, set goals and live life with the firm belief that they can accomplish anything.

"It's tremendous responsibility to come back here," Mulligan said, "and be able to talk to kids and teenagers and young adults that are coming up through who have the same exact opportunities."

Stearns High School mourns the loss of Denise Golding

BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The death of Stearns High School teacher, Denise Golding, came as a shock to everyone at the school. The 47-year-old, killed during a head on collision on Route 9 in Eddington on Monday.

Golding started teaching at the Millinocket School at the beginning of the year. She commuted with other teachers from the Bangor area each day for work, but when she didn't show up at their meeting spot Monday morning, the group knew something was wrong.

The single mother of four had come to Stearns High School with years of experience. Two of those years were spent teaching students in the country of China, which made her a perfect candidate to teach English as a second language, or ESL, to 15 international students at the Millinocket School. According to Superintendent, Kenneth Smith, grief councilors were made available to those having a hard time with the loss.

Local resident proposes name change for Schenck High School

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A letter sent to the East Millinocket School Committee is raising the eyebrows of some community members there.

86-year-old Paul Baker sent a letter to committee members on January 3rd, proposing that the name of Schenck High School be changed. The idea behind it being to honor Powerball Winner and past resident, Gloria Mackenzie, who donated $1.8 million to the school last year.

"The family should have a living memorial of what they're doing," said Baker. Another reason for the name change, according to Baker, is to avoid it's slang reference. Due to changes in more modern slang, the honorable name of Schenck is pronounced like and used as an obscenity," said Baker.

Superintendent of East Millinocket schools, Quenten Clark, says that though Baker's letter had good intentions, the Mackenzie family has expressed that they do not want the school named after them.