AARP Maine Recognizes Jackie McAdam

Jackie McAdam has been selected by AARP, the nonprofit membership organization for people 50 and older, to receive the 2010 AARP Andrus Award for Community Service, the Association’s most prestigious and visible volunteer award for community service.  Named after AARP founder, Ethel Percy Andrus, this award symbolizes an individual’s power and ability to make a difference in the lives of others.
AARP Maine selected Jackie McAdam for her remarkable service and for the impact she’s had on the lives of others and on her community.  Jackie is the creator and lifeblood of the Katahdin Area Support Group.  For over twenty years, this group has supported cancer patients and others with serious illnesses in the Katahdin Area by providing special medical equipment and other assistance, such as transportation to treatments, free of charge.  Each month, Jackie also hosts Love One Another meetings at her home, which provide a supportive environment for survivors to heal t

Houlton Police: Man may have tried to lure 12-year-old boy

HOULTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Police are trying to locate a man to ask him some questions about a suspicious incident at an after-school program.

Police say the man may have tried to lure a 12-year-old boy into his vehicle.

Investigators say the boy was inside the Gentile Memorial Building when the man approached him and claimed that his father had sent him to pick the boy up.

The boy did not know the man and walked away.

Police describe the man as being in his late 30's to early 40's about 5 feet 10 inches tall, thinning hair with an average build. He was wearing a black leather jacket, jeans and a baseball cap. If you have any information, Houlton Police would like you to call them at (207) 532-2287.







Special Report on Longterm Unemployed

(NEWS CENTER) -- It is about as stressful a situation as you could ever find yourself in: thousands of Mainers have exhausted their unemployment benefits ... but have been unable to find work.

The Maine Department of Labor calls them "Exhaustees", and has set up a series of programs aimed at putting these Mainers back to work. Others refer to them as "The Invisible Unemployed" because they are not counted in Unemployment reports or as part of the workforce.

Local Dentist Takes a Stand Against Sweets this Halloween

"Ditch the candy, that's what we're saying.  Visiting your dentist twice a year and brushing daily are great preventative measures, but doing away with excess sweets altogether would really give your teeth a healthy boost," says Drs. Joshua Howard  & Chris Benton from JD Howard Dental.  "Kids can still have all of the fun of trick-or-treating, and now their piggy banks will benefit as well.  Plus, these flashing brushes we're giving out are really cool."  
Global sugar consumption for kids increases by about 2% annually and currently sits at 50 million tons per year, which means parents need to be sure their kids teeth are being cared for more than ever.  Candy, as well as hurting children's teeth, can lead to hyperactivity and weight gain.  In some cases, the wrong types of candy can also lead to broken teeth and damaged braces.  

Injured hiker rescued from Maine's Mount Katahdin

MILLINOCKET, Maine (AP) -- An injured hiker has been rescued by helicopter from Maine's Mount Katahdin.

The Maine Forest Service landed a helicopter near the top of the mountain Monday afternoon to assist 61-year-old Chip Loring of Old Town, who had injured his knee.

Loring was flown to the Millinocket Regional Airport at 3:50 p.m. and then driven to the hospital for treatment.

Baxter State Park Director Jensen Bissell said portions of trails had been closed because of snow and ice and said staff had been warning hikers about slippery, windy conditions above the tree line.

He said Loring was above 4,500 feet in elevation and nearly five miles by steep trail from the road when he slipped and injured his knee on the Saddle Trail.

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