Snowmobile drag race draws racers from afar | News

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Snowmobile drag race draws racers from afar

MEDWAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- After dealing with almost a 3 hour delay, snowmobile racers were finally able to hit the track at the Northeast Winter National Ice Drag Race Saturday.

Around 60 teams made up of around 100 sleds took part in qualifying rounds today at the East Branch Sno-Rovers track in Medway. A family affair for racers like Glen Vigneault, who made the trip up from New Hampshire.

"Me and my brother started 25 years ago and we just keep going, so there has got to be three or four just in my family," said Vigneault.

Technical delays, along with some water damaged tracks, made for some issues, but racers were able to finally start racing on the ice around 1pm.

"All of a sudden a little bit of mother nature dealt a card on us that put some water on the track that we had to deal with," said president of East Branch Sno-Rovers," Brian Wiley.

The winner of each racing class takes home around 60% of the entry fees, with the rest going to second place.


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