Man pleads not guilty to 31 counts of sex acts against kids | News

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Man pleads not guilty to 31 counts of sex acts against kids

DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- A man from Greenville Junction faces 31 counts of sex crimes against children. Shawn Worster, 49, plead not guilty during his arraignment in Piscataquis County Superior Court following a Grand Jury indictment.

Piscataquis County District Attorney Chris Almy said, "He is charged with many counts of gross sexual assault and unlawful sexual contact. This involves some sexual offenses that he committed against two young children. They were approximately 7 to 10 years old and it happened over about a three year period of time."

According to Almy, the alleged victims were a young boy and a little girl. The District Attorney's office did not want to discuss the relationship between Worster and the children, but did confirm that he was familiar with them.

Almy said, "One of the victims in this case is a young girl. She came home one time and was crying. She had written a note to her mother describing how this person had molested her. She felt guilty about it. She was only about 7 or 8 at the time and so the mother took the note turned it over to the Sheriff's Department who actually investigated the case."

Detectives with the Piscataquis Sheriff's Department interviewed Worster. According to Almy, Worster provided detectives with a detailed and lengthy confession about how he went about the offenses and the reason behind it.

According to court documents, Worster faces 16 counts of gross and unlawful sexual acts against the young girl and 15 counts for acts against the young boy.

The District Attorney's office was not surprised by Worster's not guilty plea. He is being held on 10,000 dollar cash bail.

If the case went to trial, Almy said Worster's own detailed confession plus the testimony from the child would play a large role.

Worster is due back in court in March.


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