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Get your flu shot


BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)--Doctors offices, pharmacies, and clinics are starting to see a spike in people coming in seeking flu shots.  Health officials say that is a good thing.

State Health officials and hospital infection experts say this year's outbreak appears to be the worst since 2009.

They are urging you to take precautions and to get vaccinated if you haven't already.   In addition to getting vaccinated, Health officials are urging people with flu-like symptoms to stay home to curb the spread of the virus.  If you haven't got a flu shot yet, you can call your doctor's office to set up an appointment. 

Several pharmacies and walk-in clinics also offer flu vaccines.  And there are a number of helpful websites too like  that have a list of places in your area where you can find flu shots.  All you have to do is type in your zip code and it will give you a list of places near you.



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