East Millinocket voters say no to national park | News

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East Millinocket voters say no to national park

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A majority of East Millinocket voters casted their ballots against a controversial proposal to create a national park in the Katahdin region.

On Monday, 320 voted against the park while 191 voted in favor.

The town of Medway voted an overwhelming "no" in a similar vote last Tuesday. This non binding vote is for the board of selectmen to see where the community stands on the issue.

The proposed plan would be to establish a 75,000 acre national park along with a 75,000 acre national recreation area. The recreation area would allow hunting and snowmobiling.

Some proponents say that having a national park could create jobs, and increase tourism while some opponents say that they do not want to give up land to the federal government. So far, there has been a steady turnout.

This is a divisive issue. The town clerk said that so far more than 300 people have voted out of the already 1266 people who are registered to vote. There was a similar vote here in 2011 about a feasibility study for a proposed 70,000 acre national park. That failed 513 to 132.


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