Maine DECD plans to close Dolby Landfill in 2016 | News

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Maine DECD plans to close Dolby Landfill in 2016

EAST MILLINOCKET, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The state took ownership of the Dolby Landfill with the hope of keeping jobs in the Katahdin Region, but now it's looking more like an expensive waste of taxpayer dollars.

In 2011, the state agreed to assume ownership of the Dolby Landfill in East Millinocket. It was part of a deal set by Cate Street Capital in order for them to buy the struggling paper mill and preserve about 200 jobs. Cate Street saved those jobs for about a year before closing the mill, and the state was left with millions of dollars in costs.

The Landfill Oversight Manager for the State Department of Economic and Community Development, Michael Barden, said the department has budgeted for an allocation of $12 million from the state to close the Dolby Landfill. That process will start in 2016 and last three years.

Since 2012, the average annual operating cost of the landfill has risen to $400,000, according to Barden, and after the landfill is closed it will still cost the state about $100,000 annually over the next 30 years to monitor it, as per the Department of Environmental Protection's requirement.


State Rep. Stephen Stanley of Medway has pointed out another problem; he said the Dolby Landfill and East Millinocket's wastewater treatment plant are connected, and that taking away the landfill would mean having to rebuild a new wastewater plant, something the town can't afford.

"The town is in such financial strain and it's going to be very devastating to the people because now you've lost your major manufacturer and the people are paying the water bills," Stanley said.

The East Millinocket Administrative Assistant said the town council will be holding a meeting Tuesday night to discuss the wastewater treatment as well as the future of the landfill.


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