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Pay It Forward: Become a Pine Tree Hospice Volunteer

Pine Tree Hospice will offer its CORE training for volunteers during the week of April 12-18th.  The 11 hour training prepares individuals to support hospice clients in their home or at a healthcare facility.  The training is free and open to both men and women in the community.


There are 450,000 hospice volunteers in the United States.  Hospice programs care for 60 percent of all dying patients each year, a total of 1.5 million.  Because of lack of information, patients and their families seldom take advantage of all the hospice services that are available.  This is unfortunate, since hospice can enrich the end of life experience, creating a way to live out our lives with dignity and purpose.  


Pine Tree Hospice, as a volunteer hospice, is able to provide services without charge and without a physician’s referral.  Volunteers offer non-medical assistance, such as companionship, respite for caregivers, help with errands, conversations about history, or cooking a special treat.  The client may enjoy playing a game or watching a movie, going for a walk or looking at photo albums.  The goal is for a caring supportive relationship between the hospice client and volunteer to develop, helping to enrich the life of the client and enabling them to do things they enjoy. The specialty of a hospice volunteer is fulfilling last wishes, which are often as simple as eating McDonald’s French fries or going fishing.


The Core Training begins on Sunday, April 12, 1:00- 6:30 P.M.  The training continues on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, 5:00 – 8:30 P.M.   Meals are provided. Call 564-4346 or email to register.    



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